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About Simply Stride

About Simply Stride

About Simply Stride, by Karen Turrell, Founder

Introducing fresh air – feel better than ever by Striding for change!

Karen Turrell

Heading outside for a walk seems like something anybody could just do on their own, isn’t it?

So you may want to ask, as many people do, why I created Simply Stride. Why do I feel so passionate about introducing simple fresh air and wellness to people of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and life stories?

The truth is that the Stride technique has transformed my own life in so many amazing ways, that I knew I had to share it with others.

In the beginning…

I once worked very long hours as a City-based lawyer. I also suffered from recurring aches and pains, from back and neck injuries sustained as a teenager. The result was that I spent most of my time in a haze, feeling low, under constant stress and in pain I couldn’t control.

The turning point came when I started my own family. I didn’t want to be a mother who wasn’t able to spend quality time and energy with her children, so I began searching for ways to create my own well-being.

Partly through receiving physiotherapy for most of my life, I realised that my posture, and the way I used my body, were the keys to feeling comfortable. How we sleep, sit, stand and walk all have a huge effect on the way we feel in ourselves, yet they are often taken for granted. I decided to make this my area of focus.

The birth of Simply Stride

I spent a great deal of time researching, developing and honing the Stride technique, which blends elements of yoga and Pilates with simple walking. Through the Stride technique I was able to correct my posture, helping my body to move much more freely…and setting myself free in the process!

Simply Stride was created in 2009, and I haven’t looked back. These days, I spend my time providing fresh opportunities for people to escape their everyday stresses and feel better than ever, through easy walking sessions that take place in groups or individually.

We can all feel better than ever!

Whether you’re a busy mum, a stressed-out employee, you’d like to manage your weight in a non-aggressive and simple way, or you’re suffering from aches and pains, Simply Stride will help you rediscover precious time and energy for yourself.

Our sessions provide a positive alternative to the frantic ‘here and now’, along with an ideal setting to connect with nature – not to mention a brand-new group of friends!

I am immensely proud to have helped so many people through Simply Stride, especially my own father, who has suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and serious asthma for many years.

Simply Stride sessions are friendly and affordable, and they provide an active, freeing and mind-nourishing way to spend your time. We don’t use aggressive training techniques, and you won’t need any fancy equipment – all you need to bring is yourself.

How can Simply Stride work for you?

Simply Stride is a philosophy for life. Simply Stride uses  elements of yoga and pilates to embrace functional movement and mindful living. To help you feel better than ever.

Most of us recognise it in ourselves or others, rushing around taking little care of mind, body and spirit, entering the ever decreasing circle of balancing home, helping family, trying to keep fit and wondering why we don’t feel like ourselves. The truth is that we’re probably in danger of ending up on life’s rubbish heap of overworked, people pleasers. 

Simply Stride is about purposefully thinking about everything we do, redressing the balance, realigning priorities and redirecting energies to strengthen mind and body for ongoing sustainable use.

Posture underpins everything we do and effects how we feel. At Stride we work towards improving posture resulting in innumerable benefits. In the short term this can include easing joint and muscle aches & pains, aiding digestion and dealing with stress; and in the longer term effect blood pressure, weight, cholesterol and general happiness. The Stride Technique and philosophy teaches you how to maintain good posture right through the day and night (yes, even when you’re asleep) to ensure your body feels comfortable and moves with ease.

Why not book a free session and begin your own journey towards feeling better than ever? Contact us to find out more.

Based in Essex, England

We need our bodies to work well for a long time – so let’s start using them wisely!

Feel better than ever

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